We create products to inspire unique and beautiful spaces. All our prints and patterns can be effortlessly mixed and matched to tell your story. Our pieces are approachable, unique, ethically made and waiting for your personal touch. 


Role Title: Operations Assistant 

Reports to: Suzanne Fonzi, Operations Manager


Position Purpose:

This position’s purpose is to provide our customers with the best possible experience through operational support, which includes handling order fulfillment, advising the sales team on production and fulfillment details, and assisting the operations manager with general operational needs.


Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

Order Fulfillment:

  • Ensure all orders are entered into Shopify and/or Unleashed (as specified in the Order Fulfillment Manual), submitted to the appropriate vendor, and tracked until all items are received by the customer.
    • Enter showroom or wholesale orders into Unleashed. Capture payment for online orders and check for sync into Unleashed.
    • Check stock on warehoused products and submit orders with in stock products to our warehouse for fulfillment.
    • Coordinate transfer of in-stock product from the showroom to the warehouse when applicable.
    • Create Purchase Orders for all products that are printed to order and submit to the appropriate vendor.
    • Keep track of all orders not immediately fulfilled in Unleashed. Regularly look for orders that are unfulfilled and make sure that we are meeting lead times and keeping relevant parties up to date on any delays.
    • Coordinate custom orders with support of operations manager and design assistant.
    • Ensure tracking information is entered into Shopify for all online orders and emailed to showrooms.
  • Process all swatch orders in Shopify and Unleashed. Pick, pack, and ship swatch orders. Ensure tracking is entered in Shopify or given to the sales team to email to the customer.
  • Ship miscellaneous items not at the warehouse (books, press gifts, strike offs, cuttings for color matching, etc.).
  • Assist with the packing and shipping of sales outreach materials.

Sales Team and Customer Support:

  • Support the sales team with customer service on basic order fulfillment inquiries, lead time updates, and returns.
    • Note corresponding SO number, PO number, and confirmed ETD for any items printed to order in both Shopify and Unleashed for the sales team’s reference.
    • Ensure tracking is entered in Shopify and orders are marked as complete in Unleashed so that the status of every order is accurately reflected across all our systems.
    • Flag tracking for any customers we’ve promised an update and ensure the sales team receives it as soon as it is available.
    • Answer questions regarding inventory, production, capabilities, and other order specifics.
    • Keep files organized on our Dropbox server that relate to the studio, operations, and production.
    • Keep operations manual up to date as needed based on changes in procedure or vendor-determined specifics. Support the operations manager with twice yearly updates.
  • Sort through hello@ emails for general inquiries and answer or forward to the appropriate department (primarily sales@).
  • Answer showroom sales representative’s questions regarding inventory, production, capabilities, and other order specifics.
  • Take care of hold requests from showrooms, and note on the warehousing sheet where appropriate.

General Operational Support:

  • Support operations manager in liaising with warehouse coordinator on regular basis to ensure things are running smoothly.
    • Visit our warehouse in PA as needed to streamline processes and maintain relationship.
    • Review our order fulfillment processes and make sure everything is running smoothly. Propose solutions for issues.
    • Ensure warehouse understands our packaging standards and is meeting them consistently.
  • Ensure Unleashed inventory numbers remain up to date by updating the status of sales and purchase orders in as close to real time as possible and by creating stock adjustments for any inventory that is shipped without a synced SO.
  • Support the operations manager as needed with managing inventory of finished goods, raw materials, care labels, fabric by the yard, and wallpaper across the warehouse and store location using Unleashed and inventory spreadsheets.
  • Support the operations manager in keeping all of our spreadsheets for the fabric line, wallpaper, etc. up to date and accurate (color names, sku number, etc. must be accurate).
  • Keep studio tidy and organized with the support of the team.
  • Keep track of office supplies and order.



  • College graduate
  • Interest in operations + production
  • Strong attention to detail

This job is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t like working in a small business where every day is different.
  • You don’t LOVE organizing, trying new systems, and streamlining processes.
  • You’re not looking for a job you can grow with.
  • You don’t enjoy home décor.
  • You want to be a designer.


    To Apply:

    Email the following to hello@rebeccaatwood.com:

    • Resume
    • Cover letter including which one of our values resonates with you the most and how you see it applying to the work you do
    • Two references


    Please note that due to the level of responses we receive, we will not be following up with all applicants directly but if we feel you are a good fit, we will be following up with qualified candidates within 7 days of this job posting.  Thank you for your application!