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Role Title: Operations Assistant 

Reports to: Suzanne Fonzi, Operations Manager


Position Purpose:

This position’s purpose is to provide our customers with the best possible experience through operational support, which includes handling order fulfillment, advising the sales team on production and fulfillment details, and assisting the operations manager with general operational needs.


Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

Order Fulfillment:

  • Ensure all orders are entered into Unleashed (as specified in the Order Fulfillment Manual), submitted to the appropriate vendor, and tracked until all items are received by the customer.
    • Enter showroom orders and orders not synced from Shopify into Unleashed.
    • Submit orders with in-stock products to our warehouse for fulfillment.
    • Create Purchase Orders for all products that are printed to order or backordered and submit to the appropriate vendor.
    • Ensure shipment details such as addresses, requested shipping speeds, sidemarks, and any other important details are accurate on paperwork and in ShipStation.
    • Keep track of all orders not immediately fulfilled in ShipStation. Monitor unfulfilled orders that exceed estimated lead times and keep relevant parties up to date on any production delays.
    • Coordinate custom orders with vendors.
  • Pick, pack, and ship swatch orders and sales outreach swatch sets.
  • Ship miscellaneous items not at the warehouse (books, press gifts, strike offs, cuttings for color matching, etc.).
  • Coordinate solutions with the sales team and vendors if customer service issues arise.


Inventory Management and Production:

  • Ensure Unleashed is up to date with accurate inventory levels so that correct quantities are available on our website and can be referenced by the sales team.
    • Enter and complete sales orders in Unleashed.
    • Ensure all returns, gifts, exchanges, replacements, and any other inventory entering or leaving our possession is reflected in Unleashed.
    • Periodically reconcile our system’s inventory totals to our warehouse’s inventory totals and investigate discrepancies.
  • Coordinate with production vendors and monitor open POs for delays or other updates.
  • Monitor inventory levels of warehoused items for low stock, and order replenishments according to inventory reorder guidelines.
  • Manage the scheduling of bi-annual physical inventory counts and the entry of inventory totals in Unleashed.
  • Manage swatch inventory at the studio by monitoring inventory levels in Unleashed, proactively replenishing stock when low, and doing a physical inventory count at least once a year.
  • Lead trouble shooting efforts for our inventory- and fulfillment-related technology by starting correspondences with their support teams or checking out online resources.
  • Coordinate physical inventory counts at our showroom annually.


Sales Team and Showroom Support:

  • Communicate order fulfillment details, production lead time updates, and other information the sales team may need to relay to customers.
    • Ensure orders not shipping immediately are on hold in ShipStation for the vendor-confirmed ETD.
    • Flag tracking for any customers we’ve promised a nonautomated update.
    • Answer questions from our team regarding inventory, production, capabilities, and order specifics.
    • Keep monday.com boards related to orders, inventory, and production organized and up to date.
  • Sort through hello@ emails for general inquiries and forward to the appropriate department (primarily sales@).
  • Answer external showroom sales representative’s questions regarding inventory, production, capabilities, and other order specifics.
  • Respond to showroom hold requests and enter inventory holds in Unleashed.
  • Enter information from showroom orders into Hubspot for the sales team’s reference.


General Operational Support:

  • Support the operations manager in liaising with warehouse coordinator on regular basis to ensure things are running smoothly.
    • Visit our warehouse in PA as needed to streamline processes and maintain relationship.
    • Review our order fulfillment processes and make sure everything is running smoothly. Propose solutions for issues.
    • Ensure warehouse understands our packaging standards and is meeting them consistently.
  • Serve as the point person for studio-related needs such as supplies, arranging professional cleaning, and maintaining a chore chart to help maintain a pleasant workspace for the team.
  • Maintain the operations team’s internal resources and manuals. Keep files organized and up to date on our Dropbox server that relate to operations, inventory, and production.
  • Monitor shipping rates and periodically negotiate with carriers.
  • Participate in team-wide activities, discussions, and resource development including brainstorms, workshops, and invitations for feedback.
  • Flag opportunities for improvement and offer feedback on our current systems.
  • Contribute to a caring and growth-oriented team culture.
  • Check the mailbox and answer the office phone.



  • Strong attention to detail
  • Interest in operations + production
  • Must be able to keep track of instructions and implement them as needed
  • Empathy and an ability to understand the needs of customer, vendors, and team members
  • Some data entry experience preferred
  • Some customer service experience preferred


This job is for you if:

  • You take pride in paying exceptional attention to detail in your work.
  • You enjoy reconciling documents against each other to spot the differences.
  • You get satisfaction from double checking details and ensuring all instructions/ requirements/ requests are executed correctly.
  • You like having a physical component to your work or packing/shipping specifically.
  • You are excited by the opportunity to delight customers when they unbox samples sent by you.
  • You love organizing, trying new systems, and streamlining processes.
  • You view devising better systems or solving a customer service problem as creative work.
  • You’re looking for a job you can grow with.
  • You enjoy home decor.


This job is not for you if:

  • You want to be a textile designer.


 To Apply:

  • Email hello@rebeccaatwood.com with your resume and a cover letter.
  • In your cover letter, please address which of our company values resonates with you most and how you see it applying to the role.
  • Please include your name and “Operations Hire” in the subject.