We create products to inspire unique and beautiful spaces. All our prints and patterns can be effortlessly mixed and matched to tell your story. Our pieces are approachable, unique, ethically made and waiting for your personal touch.


Role Title:

Operations Manager

Reports to:

Rebecca Atwood, President + Creative Director


Position Purpose:

This position is all about keeping the office organized with systems in place to allow for a personalized work experience within the company, and a more inspiring experience for our customer.


Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

Administrative and Office Management:

  • Keep studio tidy and organized with the support of the team.
  • Answer the studio phone and hello@ emails for general inquiries.
  • Forward emails to the appropriate department. For example, sales emails should go to the sales@rebeccaatwood.com email if not already sent there.
  • Keep track of office supplies and order.
  • Keep files organized on our dropbox server that relate to the studio, operations, and production
  • Update 18 month calendar monthly and ensure team members for sales, marketing, design, etc. have provided all relevant information.
  • Keep operations manual up to date updates twice a year, and as needed based on changes.
  • Basic data entry (including entering invoices and matching transactions) for expenses in Quickbooks under the guidance of Accounting (Amarlies).
  • Reviewing showroom invoices and making sure they are paid promptly
  • Regularly review of expenses related to variable operations expenses including shipping and samples.
  • Negotiate rates with our shipping vendors 

Order Fulfillment:

  • Liase with warehouse coordinator on regular basis to ensure things are running smoothly.
  • Visit our warehouse in PA as needed to streamline processes and maintain relationship.
  • Review our order fulfillment processes and make sure everything is running smoothly. Propose solutions for issues.
  • Ensure warehouse understands our packaging standards and is meeting them consistently.
  • Support Sales Team with customer service on basic order fulfillment inquiries, lead time updates, and returns.
  • Enter and track all orders (online, showrooms, wholesale, etc) through Unleashed and Shopify as specified in Order Fulfillment manual.
    • All showroom or wholesale orders entered into Unleashed. All online orders checked for sync into Unleashed
    • Place all orders with warehouse for shipments from online orders, showrooms, and wholesale.
    • Order (and follow up with) fabric and wallpaper that needs to be printed for specific orders with our production partners.
    • Keep track of all orders not immediately fulfilled (print or made to order) in Unleashed. Regularly look for orders that are unfulfilled and make sure that we are meeting lead times and keeping team up to date on any delays.
    • Follow up with custom orders with support of design assistant as needed.
    • Ensure tracking information is entered into Shopify for all online orders and that showrooms are apprised of estimated ship dates.
    • Ship miscellaneous product not at the warehouse, for online orders (books, press gifts, etc).

Inventory Management

  • Keep inventory up to date with Unleashed
  • Manage inventory of finished goods, raw materials, care labels, fabric by the yard, and wallpaper across the warehouse and store location using unleashed and warehouse/store inventory spreadsheets.
  • Keep all of our spreadsheets for the fabric line, wallpaper, etc. up to date and accurate (color names, sku number, etc. must be accurate). Ensure that the sales team has this for all of their documents for customers and showrooms as well as the website.
  • Manage inventory of swatches and ensure we have enough swatches on hand based on growth.
  • Organize bi-annual physical inventory counts on July 31st and end of year.
  • Run reports for sales velocity, best sellers, and new inventory purchases each month and analyze trends with the support of Accounting and President.
  • Forecast inventory needs and create plan for re-orders.

Production and Sourcing

  • Research new vendors for new product lines with support of President + Design
  • Maintain good vendor relationships with existing vendors through: weekly email updates, monthly or as needed phone calls, in person meetings, and sharing feedback that keeps them inspired including install photos, relevant press, and good news about sales.
  • Analyze workflow with vendors and make suggestions for ways to improve process (including product development, shipping, communication, and production schedules)
  • Keep production and new product development on schedule by following up with vendors throughout process.
  • Coordinate with vendors on production needs including volume, timelines, and quality standards.
  • Bi-annual updates for vendors on our production plans including reports of our purchases and expected growth with support of President + Accounting.
  • Negotiate pricing with vendors with support of President.
  • Work with President + Design + Sales and Marketing to create production plan each season, and as needed.

Communication Responsibilities:

  • Keep team apprised of all operations and production updates that will impact sales and growth (for example production delays, summer vendor shut downs, etc).
  • Write drafts of blog posts related to company values that most resonate.
  • Maintain a professional and open line with vendors, press, and customers
  • Keep all design work, related documents, and correspondence secure and where relevant backed-up



College graduate

2 years + of work experience related to operations + production

Some experience with Quickbooks and Unleashed is a plus, but not required


This job is NOT for you if:

You don’t like working in a small business where every day is different.

You don’t LOVE organizing, creating systems, and streamlining processes.

You’re not looking for a job you can grow with.

You don’t enjoy home décor.

You want to be a designer.


To Apply:

Email the following to hello@rebeccaatwood.com:

Resume and cover letter including which one of our values resonates with you the most and how you see it applying to the work you do.

Two references.


Please note that due to the level of responses we receive, we will not be following up with all applicants directly but if we feel you are a good fit, we will be following up with qualified candidates within 7 days of this job posting.  Thank you for your application!