Swatch Set - Woven Fabrics


For our first collection, we wanted to focus on creating a few basics that could provide a great layer when mixed with print. Our ombré stripe has a subtle color shift that makes a traditional stripe feel fresh. Our textured geo has a three-dimensional quality when viewed up close, but reads as a cozy surface from a distance. Our gridded ikat references abstract pencil drawings, and it’s woven with hand dyed yarns that give it a painterly feel.

A set of 6" x 6" swatches of our woven fabric by the yard line.  

This set includes one of every design and colorway.

33 designs in total (not all swatches are featured here)


Looking for individual swatches? Individual swatches are available on each fabric and wallpaper product page. Just change 'Yard' to 'Swatch' and add it to your cart. 

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