A Note from Rebecca: New Routines

Posted by Rebecca Atwood

The past few months have been filled with boxes – and they’re still here – but I’m so excited to be settling into life here in Charleston, SC. Our new studio is full of potential. It’s nearly three times the size of our Brooklyn studio with floor to ceiling windows that let in the surrounding landscape and a luxurious amount of light. I’m past the disorienting phase of the move and I’m finding the joy in a new place and creating new routines.

With the start of 2022, I’ve shifted my schedule to carve our more time for creative work. I’ve been dreaming of this for ages now and I’m so thankful to my team and their support in making this happen. While it’s still new, I can feel my creative energy returning. I’m working on paintings that don’t have an agenda. It’s freeing to explore color and shape without the context of a pattern to be designed, and I am excited to see how this work unfolds and informs my design practice too. It’s too early to say what this will all become, but it has reminded me how much I love to paint.

I’m so happy to be welcoming spring, and with it a new collection. It began by picking up projects I started years ago—ink drawings I set aside, dabs of gouache in the margins of my sketchbooks—and seeing the beauty in them with new eyes. Many were spontaneous, created in moments when I simply couldn’t keep my hands still. They also nod to traditional vintage patterns that live in my memory and authors and painters whose works I return to again and again. I see a quiet energy in them that makes me think of spring, my favorite season. Everything’s fresh and airy; we’re looking back to the prior year, yet a time of new growth is beginning. The weather’s starting to turn, but the coziness of winter lingers. That’s how I want my house to feel, lively yet protected, and blanketed in softness and warmth.

I love how these patterns invite you in and help you build your own color story. Together, they’re a collection of fabrics and wallpapers with a nostalgic sense of history and elegance that feel modern and painterly for today. To me, it captures the special promise of this moment of transition. I’m excited to share this new collection with you and hope you’ll share your feedback with us.

Thank you, Rebecca