Starting with that first sketch and ending with those important finishing touches, a glimpse at how it all comes together...



Sketching, gathering inspiration, painting—this is the fun stuff (AKA what gets lost in the development of commercial products).

  Brooklyn, New York


Here’s where we get down to business defining/scaling our artwork and finally sending them off.

  Brooklyn, New York


It takes a bit of trial and error to get things right, this step allows us to assess each product in a more finalized form.

  Brooklyn, New York

We put a lot of care and thought into our products with the goal of inspiring creativity in your projects.

Surface Transformation


We use low-impact fiber reactive dyes, which produce a rich, long-lasting shade. All those beautiful variations in color couldn’t be achieved any other way.

  Brooklyn, New York


This step is handled by a family-owned and operated mill that has been in the biz for over 75 years. Vat dyes are thickened with gum and water before printing (this just means the result is soft).

  Westerly, Rhode Island


Eco-friendly, this process helps us replicate our hand-painted designs on a large scale using less water and paper than alternative methods. Prints are transferred onto, also eco-friendly, Belgian linen from Libeco.

  West Chester, PA & Litchfield, CT

Utilizing traditional textile techniques and materials means there are subtle nuances and variations in each product—it’s this uniqueness that we love so much.

Beyond Print


Dobby and jacquard looms recreate our patterns with yarn. Fun fabric fact: “dobby” was taken from the term “draw boy,” which described weavers’ helpers back in the day.

  Jessup, Pennsylvania


In India a team translates our prints and patterns via CAD and hand embroidery. What’s the deal with “CAD”? It produces a hand-done look on a large scale (you could call it a sewing machine with magical skills).

  Delhi, India


We work with local sewers in our building in Industry City, Brooklyn. Being nearby allows us valuable face time to get things just right.

  Brooklyn, New York

Pattern isn’t just about the surface, but can be developed through the structure.

Final Details


We use a lofty 5/95 down feather insert which offers the right balance of softness and support. Since there’s nothing better than a pillow that feels full, we make ours 2” larger than our covers.

  Brooklyn, New York


Our pillows are serged to protect from fraying, and we leave enough seam allowances for repairs. All our zippers are American made, from YKK.

  Atlanta, Georgia


In-stock orders ship from Pennsylvania. To eliminate waste we reuse and recycle our boxes. While we do currently use plastic to protect from the elements, we are looking at more eco-friendly options—stay tuned.

  West Chester, Pennsylvania

It's the little things, as they say, and small details are what define “luxury” to us.