From our studio to your home
The way we create is at the heart of who we are. Our values are reflected in every part of our process, from the first glimmer of an idea to the production of the final design.
01 Discovery

Finding inspiration in
the marvelous & mundane

Our designs begin even before the first brushstroke, in a lucid moment of wonder or inspiration. This moment might come from stepping outside, taking in the colors of the city at dusk, or noticing the rhythmic patterns in the tides or trees.

It may come from recognizing the qualities of the surrounding world: the resilience of a briar bush, the joyful shape of clovers, the soothing effect of a horizon line. Inspiration often emerges from a memory — the hues of a beloved landscape, the nostalgic print on a childhood tablecloth — or even just a feeling. Creation stems from what we crave in any given moment, or what we want to surround ourselves with: a sense of calm, a bolt of hope, the feeling of home.

02 Artistry

art in every aspect of making

Almost all of our designs originate in Rebecca’s sketchbook. Using watercolor, gouache, or simple pen and ink, Rebecca records the beauty she discovers in daily life, or simply makes gestural, meditative marks that often become the building blocks of her patterns. Though her days are packed with the various aspects of running a company, Rebecca is disciplined about setting aside time for art making. The sketchbook is a place for play, experimentation, and joy. Inside of it, the process becomes fluid. “Being in a flow can feel like diving into water,” Rebecca says. “You’re weightless, floating. You’re easeful. It’s calm.”

Thoughtfulness is another kind of artistry. Beyond the inspired beginnings, intentionality guides our process as we curate and craft each collection. We spend a great deal of time editing, selecting which patterns to produce out of hundreds of sketches and ideas. We allow our collections to evolve over time as we understand what resonates with our customers. It is this editorial experimentation that keeps the work fresh, nuanced and unique.

We take so much pleasure in details, down to the last mark or stitch. Rebecca handpaints our color standards, and our team samples them obsessively to get them just right. We pay attention to how an ink sits on top of a fabric or a dye soaks into it. We give an incredible amount of thought to how something feels — the texture of the embroidery, the thickness of the weave. These little things make all the difference, and we find joy in thinking about them. In fact, joy is a big part of our process — we seek it in our daily rituals, in our designs, and in the deepest part of ourselves.

03 Sustainability

Approaching craft with
consciousness and care

We care deeply about our planet and our environment. As a company, we’re continuously seeking ways to minimize our footprint and our impact. That said, we know that as a company that produces things we have a responsibility to keep learning and evolving as we go; there is always room to do more and to waste less. Our goal is not perfection, which can sometimes get in the way of making incremental change, but continual improvement. Read on to learn what we’re doing now — and how we’re planning to evolve — to work toward a more sustainable future.

Process & Production


We focus on quality, so that our products last longer.


We design things that can integrate seamlessly into existing spaces or can be used to refurbish beloved pieces, underscoring the idea of sustainability through reuse.


We use primarily local production, which means we can maintain close relationships with our vendors and keep shipping distances to a minimum.


When we do produce overseas, we do so with ethically managed, Oeka-Tex certified factories who specialize in craftsmanship and prioritize sustainability.

Materials & Methods

Fabric Choice

We print primarily on linen, which is known to be one of the most sustainable and durable fabrics available. 

Production Process

The factories, mills and companies we work with are committed to using ecologically friendly practices and using sustainable materials and packaging.


We ship small packages in eco-friendly packaging from EcoEnclose. Our wallpaper is shipped without plastic. We are working on finding eco-friendly alternatives for shipping fabric rolls, which are typically shipped in plastic.

Waste & Recycling


We minimize waste with made-to-order fabrics. 


When we do have leftover fabric, we use it to create one-of-a-kind products such as pillows, pouches, and sachets. 


When fabric waste is too small to use, we recycle it with Fabscrap, a textile recycling resource in NYC.

04 Collaboration

Finding harmony through
collective creation

Our goal is to inspire living landscapes that reflect the inner world of our customers and design clients, promoting harmony and connectivity between the self and the surroundings. This happens through artful collaboration. Our process evolves to meet the needs of each project or partner, whether you’re a seasoned designer with a specific vision or an individual looking for design guidance along the way.

Though we create each pattern with a mood in mind, we can happily customize them to suit your vision. We can create custom colors, print on different base fabrics or wallpaper grounds, and even create qualities for commercial and hospitality projects — the options are endless. We love to receive your feedback so it can inform future designs and collections. The design process is an ongoing and evolving conversation, and we’re here to connect every step of the way.