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Wallpaper 101

Wallpaper can be one of the most transformative and impactful elements of a room, but we also know the process can sometimes feel a little complicated. We’re here to help with any questions you might have along the way. Every space is different, so we always recommend consulting a professional wallpaper installer.  

Questions For Your Installer


How many yards of wallpaper will I need?


Will there be any additional costs due to the nature of my project?

For example: prepping walls, removing existing shelves, table trimming, etc.


Do I need any specific information included on my wallpaper shipment, such as a sidemark or reference number?

Information to Give Your Installer


Our wallpaper is sold by the linear yard (not by the roll). For most of our papers, we can print up to 70 yards in one continuous piece.


Printed width, pattern repeat, pattern match.


Our wallpaper comes with a selvedge that needs to be table-trimmed prior to installation.

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions

Clay Coated Paper

Our standard clay coated paper.


A natural ground.

Non-Woven Vellum

Heavyweight, luxe hand-feel paper.

Non-Woven Fibre

Ultra matte finish.



Wallcovering Installers Association


Estimate how many yards you need.

Measuring Details

See our best practices for calculating yardage.

Wallpaper Install

Behind the scenes with a wallpaper installer.

More questions? Read our FAQ.
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