Meet Rebecca

“My hope is that my designs invite feeling,” Rebecca says. “The way a certain painting or song can evoke a memory or sensation. There’s a way to evoke happiness or calm or groundedness through the way you make your world, whether it’s the patterns on your walls or the colors of the bed you crawl into every night.”
About Rebecca

Rebecca Atwood has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Cape Cod, surrounded by the salty tumble of the ocean, the collected treasures and antiques in her family’s 200 year old barn, and the homey bustle of her parents’ restaurant, she was raised to appreciate the sensory pleasures of living amongst nature and beauty. Her goal, ever since, has been to recreate those pleasures in her designs, inviting others into her world by offering them a piece of it.

Rebecca received her BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and has worked with various major retailers as a trend forecaster and design consultant prior to owning her namesake business. After 8 years of running her studio and showroom in Brooklyn, NY, she has since set up shop in Charleston, South Carolina, where she lives with her husband and daughter.


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