Spotted Grid Fabric in Peach/Blue

This playful grid and circle pattern began as a painting in Rebecca’s sketchbook. Shop Now

Crescent Dot Fabric in Multi Marine

The loose crescent marks and dots were created with a large watercolor brush—reminding her of boats and travel. Shop Now

Marconi Pillow in Multi Lilac

This happy dash dot pattern started out as a mark-making experiment in Rebecca’s sketchbook – she loved how the repetition of these simple shapes combined to create a new pattern. Shop Now

Summer Stripe Pillow in Multi Blush

This painterly stripe is perfect to mix and match with other patterns. Shop Now

Marconi Fabric in Coral/Navy

Marconi, located on the national seashore in Welfleet Cape Cod, was the site of the first transatlantic wireless communication in 1903. The dots and dashes of this pattern reminded Rebecca of the idea of signals being shared across the ocean. Shop Now

We believe in the art of making.

Your home should tell your story, and our designs will help you share it.

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Our Process

From our studio, to your home


The first stages of making - gathering inspiration, sketching, painting - are often lost in the development of today’s commercial products. Our process always starts here.

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Once we’ve had the chance to play with our ideas, it’s time to bring them to life by defining motifs we’ve developed, scaling them and sending them off.

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It takes a bit of trial and error to get things - color, technique, quality - right. This step allows us to assess each product in a more finalized form.

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The Fold

Rebecca and the team's musings, from unexpected sources of inspiration to behind-the-scenes stories from the studio (and beyond).