Speckled Fabric in Taupe

The speckled design began as a painting in Rebecca’s sketchbook. Shop Now

Small Daisy Fabric in Gray/Yellow

Bursts of nature always bring happiness. Small daisies seem to be very resilient flowers that thrive in surprising places. Shop Now

Market Stripe Fabric in Goldenrod

Our Market Stripe was inspired by a vintage fabric from a flea market trip, and Rebecca reinterpreted this classic stripe as a heavier and more durable performance fabric. Shop Now

Floret Fabric in Wheat

A small vintage fabric cutting Rebecca found in Tokyo, Japan inspired this fabric. It was a small-scale print that read geometric, but also like a floral. Shop Now

Marble Geode Fabric in Pale Marine

This design started when Rebecca experimented with marbling papers using India ink in the suminagashi technique. The irregular marbled designs reference coastal and geological elements. Shop Now

We believe in the art of making.

Your home should tell your story, and our designs will help you share it.

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Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

Rebecca teamed up with Pottery Barn to create a collection for a calm and happy home

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Our Process

From our studio, to your home


The first stages of making - gathering inspiration, sketching, painting - are often lost in the development of today’s commercial products. Our process always starts here.

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Once we’ve had the chance to play with our ideas, it’s time to bring them to life by defining motifs we’ve developed, scaling them and sending them off.

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It takes a bit of trial and error to get things - color, technique, quality - right. This step allows us to assess each product in a more finalized form.

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The Fold

Rebecca and the team's musings, from unexpected sources of inspiration to behind-the-scenes stories from the studio (and beyond).