What Does ’Home’ Mean To You?

Posted by Sydney Hubert

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we asked you, (our design community), to share what "home" means to you. We were blown away with your thoughtful responses and wanted to share a few of our favorites here.


Home to me is:


"Home can always be found within us. It is that feeling of being calm and grounded. Our physical homes are an opportunity to create an environment that supports the way we want to feel and invite peace, harmony, and reflection into our inner worlds."

Rebecca Atwood


Home. You know it when you feel it. It’s that warmth that wraps you up when you walk through the door. At home, you feel your history, your values, your people, your dreams and your great adventures. Home is where you feel safe, loved and inspired, surrounded by joyful beauty and reminders of what is important.”

Layers + Lines Home Design 


“Somewhere you can hold all of your loved ones close, create lasting memories and be free to express yourself without reservations.”

Tracy Lynn Studio


“Home is where you want to be. A comforting place that brings peace and happiness.”

PWD Studio


"A special place where I can be absolutely comfortable and without any expectations. None. It’s not about a perfect picture, but rather a perfect feeling of absolute comfort. That’s HOME.”

Georgia Zikas Design


“A well-designed home facilitates connection between our most intimate family members and our larger community. It’s where we feel the most comfortable to love our best.”

Mimi and Hill


“To us, home is our sanctuary, the place you begin and end each day. It’s where treasured family memories are made and where dear friends gather. Home is color, calm, light, and laughter.”

Allison Elebash Interiors


"Family, color, & being surrounded by things that make me smile.”

Denham Design


“Embroidered with our personal narrative & holds life’s collections that provide us with inspiration and comfort.”

Collyer’s Mansion


“Comfort, beauty, and above all else—a lot of laughter and fun."

Troha Interiors


“An extension of who we are—a physical representation of our personality all wrapped into one. Our home is a space where balance is created through the beauteous memories and décor we cherish that allow us to feel we always have a place to belong.”

Kate Marker Interiors


"A reflection of one’s unique personality and aspirations, transformed into a captivating space that celebrates individuality and refined taste.”

Pillar & Peacock


"My sanctuary. It’s where the books are, where the blankets are, and (most importantly) where the cats are. My safe space where I can hibernate or host…depending on the day.”

Grace Atwood


"An expression of who we are. A safe haven. A hug after a long day. A place to gather with family and friends that brings you comfort and JOY.”

Shem Creek Studios


“Personal, thoughtful. & a little rad.”

Darlene Molnar


"The ultimate creation, where every element is thoughtfully curated to foster beauty, functionality, and a sense of belonging."

EF Studio


"The backdrop to a life well-lived.”

Luru Home


“A haven.” 

Cup of Jo


“A place where you can make memories but also a space that makes you feel happy.”

Megan Molten


“A space intended for peace, love, and happiness…expressed with beautiful textiles and light.”

Forward Interiors


“Time with family and friends. Our home is filled with music, food, and laughter.”

Jenn Feldman Designs


“The place where I feel happy, looking at the special things I’ve accumulated over the years. And looking at patterns and colors that I love in the form of fabrics and wallpapers.”

Becky Carbone Interiors


“A place to revive and refresh yourself—a sanctuary.”