Meet Our Metallic Wallpapers

Posted by Sydney Hubert

Lustrous, luminous, lit from within. That’s how we describe our newest wallpapers. Four of our best-selling patterns—Linear Cloud, Scribble, Blooms, and Arches—are now available on Gold Leaf, Silver, and White Pearl metallic grounds. Our take on metallics, they’re more naturalistic than shiny. 

Photographer: Blake Shorter
Metallic Wallpaper Assortment

We wanted to create a special wallpaper that looked atmospheric and elegant but didn’t have a typical gilded or high-shine finish. When our team discussed the concept of
metallic grounds, we envisioned them as subtle and soft. We pictured our classic patterns covering the walls of a special (but not too stuffy) dining room or powder room, giving it a candlelit glow. We were after a sense of atmosphere and occasion that felt true to our artistic mission. 

Now that these metallic grounds have arrived, they’ve surprised us with their versatility. Their slight sheen reflects light so beautifully, and they have a depth of color that makes them almost textural. The designs look etched into them, so that they almost recede into the background. They bring warmth and depth to a room without announcing their presence.

Photographer: Blake Shorter
Scribble Wallpaper in Silver

Gold Leaf is earthy, neutral, and subdued. It’s darkly burnished rather than gilt and makes you think of sun streaming through the trees in a forest. We love the idea of it paired with wood tones, neutrals, and brown clay to bring out its rustic depth. It is available in Linear Cloud, Scribble, and Blooms.

Silver is a cool midtone. It’s a friend to marble accents and sheer, gauzy curtains. Its soft, ethereal luminescence is like a gazing ball in a garden. It’s available in Scribble and Blooms

White Pearl is a chameleon. It pairs well with warm or cool colors and a range of metals. It has a slight iridescence like the inside of an oyster shell, that feels brightening and energizing. It’s available in Linear Cloud and Arches.

Photographer: Blake Shorter
Blooms Wallpaper in Silver
Arches Wallpaper in White Pearl
Photographer: Blake Shorter
Scribble Wallpaper in Gold Leaf

We love the idea of using our metallic grounds in any space where you feel the impulse to hang a mirror. They reflect and enhance the quality of light in the same soft, subtle way. They’re a natural fit for a dining room or powder room, but we think they’re perfect to set a special tone in an entryway or pared-down bedroom.

Photographer: Blake Shorter
Linear Cloud Wallpaper in White Pearl

8-by-12-inch swatches of each variation are available on the product pages. If you have any questions about ordering swatches please reach out to for more details. We can’t wait to see how you use our new metallic grounds in your projects.

Photographer: Blake Shorter
Metallics Swatch Assortment