Is there a minimum purchase to get the discount?
Our sale starts at a $100 purchase. 

I just saw the code in my inbox but it's past the sale - can I still use it?
Unfortunately, once the sale is over it is no longer valid (please don't email us and make us feel guilty!)

I ordered yesterday but today there's a sale. Can I get the discount?
Please note that we have a sale during July every year. Add it to your calendar and be sure to check your email during those times. The discount code is only valid during the dates of our sale and cannot be applied retroactively. 

Can I combine my Loyal List coupon with my sale code?
We cannot combine any discount with the sale code but you will be able to earn points for any purchases that you make during the sale. So sign up if you haven't yet!

I went back to my cart and an item I had in there is now sold out. What can I do?
We're sorry! Our sale is first come, first serve. Items will not be restocked if they are sold out. Some pillows may be sewn to order if demand is high. Please thoroughly read the product's description to see if this is the case for the pillow you are interested in. 

Can I return or exchange items I bought during the sale?
All sales are final during our sale if you use a discount code.

Can I combine my trade or newsletter discount with my sale code?
We cannot combine any discounts.

When can I expect my purchase?
We will work very hard to ship your in-stock purchase within one week of the sale. 

I'm outside of the continental U.S. Can I purchase?
Yes, please email us to give you a shipping quote. Please note - we cannot hold any product during the quoting process. 

Can I get a CFA?
Sale items are available as is so a CFA will not be necessary for your order.

Are custom pillows part of the sale?
Custom pillows are sewn to order are not part of the sale but if you'd like to purchase a custom pillow anyways please email 

Is wallpaper part of the sale?
Digitally printed wallpaper won't be part of the sale this year due to the complicated nature of ordering. A limited stock of screen printed wallpaper is a part of the sale. You can shop it here.

I have more questions!
Feel free to call us at 718-369-0016 on Monday-Friday during office hours 9-5pm EST or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.