Blocks Fabric in Pink / Dusk


This woven quality reminds Rebecca of needlepoint. Her great-aunt Libby was an avid needle-pointer, and growing up, she had needlepoint seat cushions at her dining table and little framed pieces hanging on the wall. Rebecca wanted to explore something graphic because the weave is so textural. She looked to small, geometric, vintage patterns – like the ones you’d find on the inside of a book cover.

Woven in Pennsylvania
78% Recycled Cotton, 19% Poly & 3% Nylon
Fabric Width: 53"
Repeat: 1.25" x 1.25"
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Currently, we have less than 100 yards in stock.  Typically orders for a quantity larger than what we have in stock will take about 8 weeks for delivery. Email for a stock check or more information.

Please note shipping fees for orders of fewer than 3 yards include a $35 cut fee.

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