A Note From Rebecca: On Simplicity

Posted by Rebecca Atwood

June 25, 2024

These days I’m trying to simplify things, slow down, and enjoy the phase of life I’m in. It feels like everything is going too fast. I remind myself that I can find such pleasure and comfort in simple, routine things: a walk around my new neighborhood, the first sip of a cup of coffee, the way the warmth of the sun hits the back of my head, even a very basic dinner like pasta with butter. I’m saying yes unless I really need to say no to my daughter. I’m saying no unless I really want to say yes—a full-body yes—to a new opportunity at work. 

In my design practice, I’m creating simplicity where I can so that I have more room to dream, play, and be creative. When I can, I try to eliminate distractions and take things off my list that don’t have to get done. I build time into my week for making without as much of an agenda, so I can let ideas come at their own pace. 

I find so much joy in simple materials, simple marks, simple repeats. Creating something orderly is a pleasure all its own. Simplicity can be deceiving: Often simple things take a lot of intention to feel right: the right fabric, the right color. It’s magic, finding the right combination. Simple can be very impactful. 

Many of my designs look simple and I want that ease to be there – to make it easy to pick up a print and mix it with almost any scheme. But getting that just right takes thought. It might mean screen-printing with two tonal colors to achieve just the right feeling of a hue. Or it might mean switching the ground that a wallpaper is printed on so that the dark hues reflect less light. I hope this care helps you find more ease designing a space.

Thank you, Rebecca