Joyful Kids’ Rooms

Posted by Rebecca Atwood

Children’s bedrooms are a place we often feel comfortable having fun with pattern and color. The décor doesn’t have to be soft, sweet colors—the palette can be just as complex as in any other space. Picking patterns you truly love and choosing colors that resonate with you deeply are the key components to creating a sophisticated and joyful kids’ room that can grow with them. Using texture helps create a cozy space, and using art and accessories gives it a playful nature.

Dotted Palm Wallpaper in Pink
Striped Garden Draperies in Garden Green
Designer: Maison Ko
Photographer: Michael P.H. Clifford
Marbled Stripe Roman Shade in Gray-Lilac
Sprigs Wallpaper in Olive/Navy
Gridded Ikat Draperies in Blue Pink